Common Shaving Mistakes Women Never Knew Were Making

Plan to wear short skirts or beautiful skirts so that all of us can pick up shaving kits to remove all excess hair on the legs or hands. Okay, it looks easy, right? Just apply some shaving cream to your skin, then put the razor on your legs, and then wash your hair off. Voilà! Say hello and make your skin smooth and soft!

Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, especially when you are in a hurry. As far as we know, we need to work slowly and smoothly during the process. Usually, we end up throwing our legs towards the sink in the bathroom. We choose soap instead of shaving cream and then start shaving at the fastest speed. Of course, we have completed this step quickly and gave us an extra three minutes to make our winged eyeliner correct, but we also cut ourselves something, shaved the razor, burned, and the hair grew inward, May also miss some spots.

The point here is that shaving requires extra care. After all, this is the most sensitive part of our body is our skin. Taking care of our skin is our entire responsibility. If it seems that this is not a big deal for you, in the long run, you will regret and ignore your skin (please trust us).

Therefore, here is a list of all shaving mistakes that you think have never been made, but should stop now:

1. Using The Wrong Razors

We know that razors are expensive, and every time you change the blade is another thing to take care of. In an emergency, most of us will extend a helping hand to the razor. However, let us tell you that it is impossible to use a men’s razor. Men and women have different hair types, and we are referring to different thicknesses; therefore, even razors are designed in this way (1). Always make sure you have a stock of razors, which are prepared for women at home, they are not irritating to our skin.

2. Not Using The Shaving Cream Or Gel

There is a reason for the presence of shaving cream or gel-they protect the skin from the irritation that may be caused when shaving. No matter how serious the emergency is, do n’t ask for soap, and do n’t even shave your hair worse. Always keep shaving gel at home, this will help you shave better and keep your skin smooth. Also, the ingredients of the shaving cream can be shaved smoothly without a razor. If you run out, please consider using coconut oil or olive oil (you can always use it).

3. Not Cleaning Before You Shave

Imagine that you will use a sharp razor on your skin, and you will want the surface of your skin to be clean and smooth. The basic first step when shaving is to clean the skin with some soap or shower gel and prepare it. You may also consider standing under a nice warm water shower. Wetting the skin will make your hair soft, and warm water shower will make the cuticle of the hair open, making it easier for you to slide the razor and shave.

4. Not Following A Post-Shave Routine

What do you guys do after shaving hands and feet? We guess that you just walked out of the door in pants and a matching top. However, according to our operation, this is what you should do-wash your legs immediately. Then, apply body lotion or body lotion or any suitable emollient oil on your skin; it will keep your skin smooth and moisturized and eliminate any irritation.

5. Not Exfoliating

If there is a post-shave routine, then obviously there is also a post-shave routine. Exfoliate! Do this every time you reach for a razor and start shaving. Exfoliation helps remove all dead skin cells and helps the razor slide smoothly on the skin (2). It is said that exfoliation also helps prevent hair ingrowth. Smaller bumps on the skin equal smoother shaving. Therefore, exfoliate and start rubbing.

6. You’re Pressing Too Hard

If your concept of life is to press the skin with a razor and shave off all your hair, then you are wrong, my friend! This will not make the shaving work more precise. Pressing hard can cause a lot of pain because it can cause severe razor burns, irritation, bumps, and cuts. If you feel you need to press hard to get a clean shave, then it may be time to replace the razor blade or the razor itself.

Now, you know to be careful when shaving. What mistakes have you made? Please let us know in the comments below.

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